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Bill Denham

Creative Director

As a team of seasoned design professionals and concept artists, we have spent a large portion of our careers in both the corporate and freelance sectors. We have been fortunate enough to help develop brands, build content, and connect clients to audiences across countless outlets through visual experiences. These projects and relationships have kept us continually engaged in the creative world and it is at this point in our careers that we began rethinking the next steps in our path forward.

After months of discussion and consideration, combined with a razor sharp focus on what needed to be done, we embarked on a new road. Since then, we’ve spent countless hours honing our skillset and fine-tuning our process to create a new agency we are beyond proud of. Today, we want to formally introduce you to Apollo Ridge Design Group.

For the last 15 years, our creative team has brought forward-thinking and leading-edge design capabilities to brands and individuals across our nation. The skillset and products we offer combine the very best of today’s advanced programs and years of experience in ways that effectively communicate messages and products to your targeted audiences. Our work as freelancers and corporate teams leaders has been viewed by the masses in publications, projects, websites, and public events and continues to cement our foothold in the creative space.

If this is your first time discovering our company or designers…Welcome! I hope that I can encourage you to take a few moments to explore our current portfolio and the creative services we offer. We want you to enjoy your experience with our team, and for us, that means sticking to our core beliefs and focusing on ensuring that our clients can turn to Apollo Ridge when seeking to expand their creative reach.

To our clients, colleagues, and friends who already know us on a personal or professional level, I sincerely appreciate your continued support in helping us bring this new adventure to life. Your trust in our creative thinking has given us the opportunity to showcase your visions to audiences of all types and interests, and we look forward to continuing to work with you on every new project along the way.

Apollo Ridge Design Group is built on a unique set of design and development services that support clients across the automotive, technology, government, and small business industries. You’ll find that we deploy honesty, integrity, and passion throughout our organization, and believe these aspects will be critical to your choice in selecting Apollo Ridge as the creative agency to represent your vision.

We are proud of the quality of services and client satisfaction we provide, and we want to welcome our customer base to this new company with excitement and open lines of communication for success. We plan to build upon our 15+ years of artistic ability to offer new services while forging lasting relationships in these ever-expanding markets. What lies ahead is a new adventure, one we are quite frankly enthralled by and anxious to see where hard work and dedication will lead.

Most importantly, we are excited to hear from you! Please reach out to us on our social platforms, give us a call, or leave a comment here on this article with your thoughts or ideas. I know you have a lot of talented options to choose from when selecting a creative team and I promise to lead the way in ensuring Apollo Ridge remains at the top of your list.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief article and for helping us bring Apollo Ridge Design Group to the world!

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