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SMB Plans Need A Creative Role

Bill Denham

Creative Director

Often times businesses struggle with communicating their message effectively to their target audience. One of the biggest reasons they struggle? They’re missing the critical component of creative communication and only focusing on marketing from an analytical, or left-brain, point of view. Incorporating right-brain professionals such as graphic designers, motion artists and animators, or photographers can be the missing link to having a strong marketing strategy for any business in any industry, especially those looking to grow. A marketing strategy that includes a suite of creative individuals can provide a number of advantages, allowing brands to stand out and succeed in competitive vertical markets. While there are numerous ways to incorporate creative roles into your company, we will concentrate on the advantages Graphic Designers and their skill set can bring to the table.

Build Trust Visually

Marketing plans involve many moving parts and one of the advantages of incorporating creative professionals into the mix is their ability to design visually appealing and effective campaigns that capture attention and communicate a message, often in a short amount of time. Experienced Graphic Designers have the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to work within marketing guidelines to create designs that are tailored to the target audience while remaining consistent with the overall brand strategy and goals. This is critical for increasing both brand recognition and customer trust. When laying the framework out for a new marketing agenda, make sure that departments on both sides of the brain are working together to ultimately reach your target.

Consistency Is Critical

While allowing some room for experimentation, the majority of your marketing campaigns should have a consistent tone, voice, and appearance all wrapped into one. If you’re reading this and thinking “I’m not sure what my voice is just yet,” that’s ok! Check out our other article here for more information on how to find and market your voice.

Graphic Designers are often the unsung heroes of your brand strategy because they hold the key to making sure all of these elements work together visually every time. Recognizing that your creative team has the power to shape your brand can rattle the nerves a bit as an owner or C-level executive, but if years of experience tell us anything, it’s that brands that succeed the most are the ones who put faith in their creative departments.

On top of that, creating a consistent and cohesive identity package is also critical to maintaining a strong market presence, both online and in the real world. Consistency also helps creates repetition, which is an essential part of reminding your target audience that your business should be top of mind the next time they need to make a decision. Think of it like your coach or teacher helping you reach your goals…repetition, repetition, repetition.

Tailored To You

It’s easy to hop online nowadays and find a “free” or “automated” service to help you create a few social media posts, maybe a video or two, and perhaps even a logo or color palette. While these may be a great starting point for your next campaign, your business and your wallet are going to regret the decision to move focus away from harnessing the power of a Graphic Designer to create a visual identity that is tailored to you. You can try to navigate your way in competitive markets using basic graphics hoping to grab a sale or two, but if everyone’s content looks the same, nobody wins. That’s when you need to rely on creative professionals as the ace up your sleeve. Utilize them in-house or as freelancers to define colors, fonts, logos, and more in a complete branding package that is uniquely you. The investment in a package like this will pay for itself time and time again and will leave you with the confidence you need to continue crushing your quotas. Each of us is unique, your brand identity should be too!

That’s A Wrap

Graphic designers have the rare ability to craft simple strategies and documents into visual masterpieces that effectively communicate a message, brand, or product to a target audience. Understanding this ability and how to apply it to your business will put you light years ahead of your competitors, who are constantly throwing pickles at the glass in the hope that something sticks. Define your objectives, then hire a creative to assist you and give them the trust and authority they require to transform your market potential.

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