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Bill Denham

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‘Insert Search Objective’ + ‘Near Me’ is a common use of modern search engines. The results help us navigate to our favorite stores and coffee shops, or help us find local attractions and services like ‘Graphic Design Near Me’. Taken at face value, these queries will yield the expected results we investigate further to make a decision about our day. Take them word for word in a literal sense, and we could end up down a completely different rabbit hole. That’s how I ended up here, at the kitchen counter, writing this article to share with you.

Before we dig deeper into this idea, if you found yourself here because of your search query for Graphic Design Near Me and are looking for a Graphic Design team to help you on your current project…you found it! While I’d encourage you to continue reading to learn more about Apollo Ridge, if you need assistance on a new creative project please don’t hesitate to contact us directly:

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Let’s continue exploring…

Our Surroundings Provide Examples

If you landed on this article out of curiosity in its content or style, you are looking at a direct example of Graphic and Web Design, and a bit of marketing. What you see on screen or in your hands is a small portion of the result of hours of design and creative energy that went into developing this website for Apollo Ridge Design Group. Some of you reading this may take an extra moment to look closer at the design elements, while others will continue reading without a second look. That’s quite alright! We each experience design in our lives in a different way. The point being, that ‘Graphic Design Near Me’ is actually quite closer than you often realize.

When you order from your favorite take-out service at the end of a long week, the menu you are looking at probably passed through a graphic designers’ hands at some point. The hierarchy of font sizes and color selections you see in advertisements at the grocery store or gas station is the result of a designer interpreting a project brief. The UI elements you experienced on your Google result page led you here. The package design of the cereal you ate for breakfast. The on-brand PowerPoint you sat through in afternoon meetings. At some point, in some way shape, or form, there were choices made that involved a creative professional in many aspects of our daily life. Some can be quite complex and encompass many hours and revisions, while others are spur of the moment and develop quickly based on years of experience. If you look around your environment right now, I’d venture to guess that you too can find several good examples of your own that are worth a second look.

Driven By Design

Graphic Design as a subject primarily surrounds the idea of taking content and presenting it in unique and creative ways that get the desired effect from a targeted audience. If we stretch this a bit further, we can start to look at similar roles such as UI/UX Professionals, Web Developers, and Product Designers, and how their choices and design processes lead us to take action without even second guessing it.

If you are holding a cell phone right now and scrolling through this article, a UI/UX and Web Development team has chosen to make the scroll feature possible in an area that is easily reached with your thumb. The literal action on the device and in the browser application is what I am focusing on, not me writing this article for you to scroll through. At its core, a design or development professional took the time to make your actions simpler and it has become so much of a muscle memory that we now find having to reach beyond our comfort zone quite unnerving. That is extremely powerful to think about. Design and development choices drive endless amounts of the choices we make every single day.

(Insert mind-blown gif here).

Enough geeking out on the subject of good design though, let’s wrap this up.

If we go back to the beginning and Google again for ‘Graphic Design Near Me’, you will get loads of expected results for agencies, studios, and freelancers in your area. Perhaps now with a second look, you will also see just how impactful design is in everyday occurrences. Whether you are looking for graphic designers, web developers, product designers, or any other type of creative professional, I’d encourage you to take a moment and notice the subtleties of their work and how its’ presented with this new understanding in mind. When you seek to find a team for your next design project, these small nuances will likely register in your brain and help you choose a qualified partner.

Last but not least, next time you are out and about, take a look around and then head back here to share with us where you found Graphic Design or creativity in unexpected ways.

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